IT Speed Dating

We are planning to bring candidates closer to the companies, with a focus on IT professionals

About the events

The concept allows 4-5 companies to take part in the event. They have the opportunity to introduce themselves to the participants, allowing them to get to know their culture, colleagues and social life. After the introduction the participants spend 10 minutes with each company to talk about career opportunities and ask any question they would like to. These organized and structured talks are similar to the classical speed dating sessions, they help the participant and companies to get closer to each others mindset.

Our aim is to give a special opportunity to our partners, to achieve visibility on the market and to show a side that is not included in a job ad or career site. This strenghtens the employer branding and opens new ways for companies to build their own talent pools. Partiipants also profit from these events, as they are able to get to know their employement options without having to go through a long and stressing recruitment process. 

IT Speed Dating eliminates bias from the recruitment process and creates a safe, unformal environment where talking and socializing as easy as it can get.

Who we are?

MP Solutions Ltd. as been working successfully for more than 18 years as the successor of Majer & Field Consulting (M-Field Ltd.) With an excellent local contact capital and skills we are a member of the personnel advisory and human resource management group, primarily recruiting in the  banking, financial institutions and IT and telecom, sales and marketing, HR  sectors. We also hold a dominant market experience in several FMCG and pharmaceutical fields.

Among our partners are large international and medium sized Hungarian companies.

Besides recruitment we also provide employer branding services to our partners. 

One of the resources in employer branding are the alternative methods, like Speed Datings for potential recruits and branding purposes. We started this service in 2018 successfully in the IT sector among others. 

1. Introduction

Come and introduce your company!

2. Personal interactions

Talk to the participants!

3. Recruitment Branding

Show them your brand and career opportunities!

4. Follow-up

Contact the participants after the event with an opportunity at your company!

Upcoming event

Coming soon

We are expecting around 15-20 people to come, junior and senior professionals as well. Presenting companies can decide what they would like to talk about at their tables, if there will be an exercise or a product they would like to present or just casually talk with candidates.

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